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Environmental Forensics Fundamentals

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A Practical Guide to Environmental Crime Scene Investigations

Releasing contaminants into the environment-whether deliberate or unintentional-can be thought of as a crime against the environment. The role of environmental forensics is to identify and prevent environmental pollution, or crimes. Environmental Forensics Fundamentals: A Practical Guide examines this growing field, and provides environmental professionals looking to specialize in environmental forensics with the materials they need to effectively investigate and solve crimes against the environment.

Pointing the Finger at Environmental Crime

Environmental forensics uses "fingerprinting" techniques in order to assess and analyze contamination sites. Fingerprinting can reveal the source of contamination, as well as how, where, and when the contamination was released. This handy guidebook outlines the proven techniques, applications, and resources needed to efficiently investigate environmental crimes and become successful in this emerging field.

Learn the Basics from a Single Source

Divided into three main parts, the first part of the book examines the role of evidence in forensic investigations and court proceedings. It highlights general forensic concepts and offers guidelines for obtaining defensible evidence. The second part details environmental forensic investigative techniques. It includes a step-by-step guide that enables the reader to apply the techniques in practice. The final section covers strategy building. It presents real case studies, as well as key principles and concepts for strategy building, and addresses the most common challenges faced in environmental forensics.

Environmental Forensics Fundamentals: A Practical Guide provides information on cutting-edge scientific techniques that investigate the source and age of environmental pollution and solve environmental crimes. It examines the principles behind each main forensic technique. It also offers guidance on what to look for in order to successfully apply the techniques and interpret results. In addition, the author provides relevant sources where more information can be found.

Country Gal A Foreign

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Ambrosine Thermutis Smith is a fictional character from the equally fictional Guinep Hill, a small, unknown district somewhere in the Caribbean. She arrives in the United States and experiences the culture shock that is common to most immigrants from the Caribbean. The resilient Ambrosine finds ways to survive 'Foreign' and adapt to her new environment while maintaining her sense of humor and her love for her homeland. Ambrosine represents the displaced immigrant whose journey has been chronicled in numerous volumes. The story remains the same: the decision to assimilate or maintain one's culture, recognizing for the first time that one is a minority and an alien dreaming of the return to the motherland and the way it used to be. The stories contained in Country Gal a Foreign are the voices of the many who come to 'Foreign' in the hopes of a better life or better opportunities. The idiom "Laughter is the best medicine" proves truthful for many who find that adjusting to a completely new culture is not as easy as they had envisioned and that 'apples were not available for the picking' and 'Uncle Sam is only uncle to some'. Ambrosine's journey is every immigrant's journey, though they may take different paths. She looks back with nostalgia at what she left behind in her homeland but recognizes that, in order to survive her new home, she must adapt and learn the 'foreign words'. Ambrosine makes us laugh, perhaps because there is a little bit of her in all of us, the side that learns to laugh, even in the face of adversity.

The Flowering Of Australia's Rainforests

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The Flowering of Australia's Rainforests provides an overview of pollination in Australian rainforests,
especially subtropical rainforests. It also examines the plant-pollinator relationships found in rainforests worldwide.

The Flowering of Australia's Rainforests progresses through introductory and popular sections that cover pollination in lore and legend; plant and flower evolution and development; and the role and function of color, fragrance and form. Later chapters deal with breeding systems; mimicry; spatial, temporal and structural influences on plant-pollinator interactions; and a discussion and overview of floral syndromes. The book concludes with a section on conservation and fragmentation, and individual plant pollination case studies.

Illustrated with color photographs of major species, this reference work will be treasured by field naturalists, ecologists, conservation biologists, botanists, ecosystem managers, environmentalists, community groups and individuals involved in habitat restoration, students, and those with a broad interest in natural history.

Key features
Significantly, it has a focus on subtropical rainforests; this has not been attempted in previous books
Draws heavily on the authors' own published research and fieldwork experience
Addresses many aspects of rainforest ecosystem dynamics, phylogeny, plant reproductive ecology and
vegetation history; often placing pollination relationships in a worldwide context.

Environmental Taxation And The Double Dividend

RRP $482.99

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Environmental Taxation and the Double Dividend explores the welfare effects of environmental taxes in a second-best framework. It starts from a benchmark model which reveals that environmental taxes typically exacerbate pre-existing tax distortions, even if the revenues are used to cut other distortionary taxes. Subsequent chapters extend the benchmark model by introducing capital, terms of trade effects, transfers, involuntary unemployment, or environmental feedbacks. Thus, the book reveals several channels through which a double-dividend can be obtained. However, it also shows the trade-offs they induce. Simulations with the models illustrate the importance of these trade-offs for European economies.

This book is a useful tool for graduates, post graduates, researchers and staff of universities with fiscal and environmental departments. International organizations such as the IMF, OECD and the World Bank, and policy makers within governments: Ministries of Finance/Economics/Environment. Research Institutes, both private and public will also benefit from this piece of work.

Balanced Scorecard F R Kmu

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Das Controlling- und F�hrungsinstrument der Balanced Scorecard unterst�tzt die Erhebung von harten und weichen Kennzahlen und erm”glicht es dadurch, auch strategische Ziele fassbar zu machen. Die gewonnenen Kennzahlen k”nnen eingesetzt werden, um den Anforderungen der neuen ISO 9001:2000 zu entsprechen: Messung von Prozessen, Vision, Strategie (Qualit„tspolitik) und Nachweis der Wirksamkeit des QM-Systems an messbaren Qualit„tszielen mit BSC. Das Buch liefert L”sungen auf Excel-Basis, mit denen die Unternehmensstrukturen analysiert und ausgewertet werden k”nnen. Neu in der dritten Auflage ist das Risikomanagement mit Fr�hwarnindikatoren. Untersucht werden die Risiken, denen das Unternehmen ausgesetzt ist und m”gliche Fr�hwarnindikatoren, die auf viele Unternehmen zutreffen. Neben den vier traditionellen Perspektiven Finanzen, Kunden, Prozesse und Mitarbeiter der Balanced Scorecard werden jetzt die Risiken des Unternehmens als Teil der Strategie aufgenommen.

Das Buch mit CD-ROM wendet sich an Praktiker, die selbst eine Umsetzung von BSC im eigenen Unternehmen durchf�hren wollen.


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