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Johnny Sophomore

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In the fall of 2012, Johnny Manziel constructed the greatest freshman season the world of college football had ever seen. The young quarterback shattered long-standing records, upset Alabama in a star-making performance, became the first ever freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and lifted the football program at Texas A&M onto the stage of the elite. In an instant, Manziel became one of America's most popular athletes. Then the backlash came. Ridiculed for his use of social media and pounded by an unforgiving public for living life as he saw fit, the quarterback became a flashpoint for criticism and scorn. The controversy created an environment Manziel was unsure he could survive. Johnny Sophomore is the story of an extraordinary talent going through the most anticipated season in college football history. From a summer engulfed in scandal, to the season of hope that followed, this book offers a candid and vivid account of Manziel's ascent into becoming one of the greatest amateur quarterbacks of all time. With entertaining prose, Johnny Sophomore covers the season that witnessed Manziel grace the cover of Time magazine, battle Alabama and Auburn in two of the year's most thrilling games, and reminded everyone why he was the best player in college football by leading the heart stopping comeback against Duke on New Year's Eve.

Forensic Botany

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Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide is an accessible introduction to the way in which botanical evidence is identified, collected and analysed in criminal cases. Increasingly this form of evidence is becoming more important in forensic investigation and yet there are few trained botanists able to assist in such cases. This book is intended to show how useful simple collection methods and standard plant analysis can be in the course of such investigations and is written in a clear and accessible manner to enhance understanding of the subject for the non-specialist.

Clearly structured throughout, this book combines well known collection techniques in a field oriented format that can be used for casework. Collection of evidence differs from formal plant collection in that most professional plant collectors are gathering entire plants or significant portions of a plant for permanent storage and reference. Evidence frequently consists of fragments, sometimes exceedingly tiny. Exemplars (examples of reference plants) are collections of plants made in the manner a botanist would collect them. These collections are necessary to link or exclude evidence to or from a scene. Various methods that allow easy collection, transportation, and preservation of evidence are detailed throughout the book.

This book is written for those who have no formal background working with plants. It can be used as a practical guide for students taking forensic science courses, law enforcement training, legal courses, and as a template for plant collection at any scene where plants occur and where rules or laws are involved. Veterinarians, various environmental agencies, anthropologists, and archeologists are examples of disciplines that are more recently in need of plant evidence. Veterinarians are becoming more active in pursuing cases of animals that have been abused or are victims of illegal killing. Anthropologists and archeologists are often called to help with body recovery in outdoor environments. Environmental agencies are increasingly forced to adopt rules for resource protection, are in need of a guide for procedures for plant evidence collection and application.

The format of the book is designed to present the reader with all the information needed to conduct a botanical analysis of a crime scene; to highlight the forensic significance of the botanical evidence that may be present; how to collect that evidence in the correct manner and preserve and store that evidence appropriately- also shows how to conduct a laboratory analysis of the plants.

Political Leadership In Foreign Policy

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Challenging the standard views that individual leaders either have all the power or little room to move in the making of foreign policy, this book demonstrates various ways that leaders succeed by manipulating elements of their domestic and international environments.

Unique Environmentalism

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This book explains and demonstrates how the Norwegian case of environmentalism is unique. The two connected anomalies of an inclusive and state friendly society and a strong orientation and commitment to local communities make the case stand apart from mainstream international definitions of environmentalism.

The authors study a specific political culture with a rather unique combination of state structure and civil society of which organized environmentalism is an important part. The political culture influences organizational form and organizational ideology as well as the way these organistions are linked to and interact with the goverment. The study shows why international non-government organizations (INGOs) which are successful elsewhere, such as Greenpeace, are unable to establish themselves in some countries.

The study compares Norwegian environmentalism with perspectives and findings from other political systems. More generally, this is also a study on the role of voluntary organizations and civil society in a specific type of democracy. The book throws light on why the working of the Norwegian political system - as well as the Scandinavian political systems more generally - is often misunderstood in the international literature.


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Time to get fit! Many have been there. You tell yourself you are going to get fit this time. Your intentions are good. This time you are going to get into better shape, get to your goal weight and a have a healthier body.

You start out strong, and days to weeks lateryou are back to our old habits. Sound familiar? Whether you have had a hard time making exercise a permanent part of your life, have never begun an exercise program, or currently work with a personal trainer and are having a hard time exercising on your own, ForeverFitU is for you.

This book is written to show you how to make fitness a lifestyle that will last you a lifetime. It will teach you the secrets shared by ForeverFit people who have conquered their old fitness habits. Their secrets will help you make ForeverFit habits that have endured the test of time.

Mother Teresa stated, "We cannot do great things in this world. We can only do little things with great love." Make ForeverFitU that little thing for you.


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